The Committee envisions beautiful and accessible docks and parkland along the Welland River (Chippawa Creek) which have benefitted from a conscious effort to limit our environmental footprint.


The Chippawa Public Docks Committee is a not for profit organization run by a team of volunteers passionate about making a difference in the community. The committee works in partnership with the city of Niagara Falls and is powered by the generous donations of the community and the money raised at our various events throughout the year. By donating today, you can help ensure the docks are well maintained and the committee is able to continuously develop new projects which will contribute to the growth and betterment of Chippawa. 

To restore, enhance and provide accessible and inviting public docks and parkland along the Welland River (Chippawa Creek) for the benefit of the community.  

committed to fosterING a feeling of community

The Committee’s mandate is to ensure free access to the Welland River (Chippawa Creek), the docks and the surrounding parkland, and to promote recreation and healthy active living for citizens of all ages.

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